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Santa Claus Cable Grace PD by nampukkk Santa Claus Cable Grace PD by nampukkk
Santa Claus (English: Santa Claus) or known. Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas. Or brief that "Santa" is a person who is the origin of mythological history and legend. By many western countries. He said that as a gift to the children's home in the evening and a night of Christmas Eve, December 24 [1] has been adapted to the modern appearance of the image in sintered glass. (Sinterklass) Dutch [2], which may be based on narrative biography hagiography about a person in history to the present name of St. Nicholas, a fried one story that I do not also appear in the local Greek and Dubai. Sandy Tyne is Basil of Caesarea Caesarea. Basil's feast day on January 1 is considered the time of exchanging gifts in Greece.
Santa Claus is generally portrayed as a bearded white men plump and fun. Code red worn with a white collar. Red pants. Belt and black leather shoes. (Images of him rarely have a beard with no mustache) This image has been popular in the United States and Canada in the 19th century due to the significant influence of the poet. "A visit from St. Nicholas" by Clement Clarke Moore in 1823 AD cartoonist and satirist and political cartoonist Thomas Dniester [3] [4] [. 5] This image has been maintained and reinforced through song, radio, television, children's books author and film. The North American depiction of Santa Claus as it developed in the 19th and 20th centuries would have influenced the modern understanding of Father Christmas. Sintered glass and Saint Nicholas in European culture.
This belief can be traced back to 1820 decade Claus lives at the North Pole. With many magical elves and reindeer in my nine. (Originally eight) since the 20th century in which the concept has been popular music. "Santa Claus is coming to town" in 1934 believed that Santa Claus making a list of children throughout the world. And classify them according to the behavior ("persistent" or "cute") and present. Including toys and candy for the children behave well in the world. Carry coal to the children and sometimes stubborn. Within a single night of Christmas Eve night. His success with the help of the elves who make toys in a factory. And the reindeer who pull his sled.
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